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Hello Mr.Venugopal!
I have gone thro your plan for 60x40 site facing east. Your plan is more useful for us. Thank you for your noble service.

With Regards,

Vasthu Query ( This column will be updated regularly )

Name : manish solanki
Query :
my house is south facing, i have staircase in north east corner, please suggest some solution without demolishing stair case
Sep 3, 2009 at 3:16 AM

Name : Durga
Query :
Hi, I have just shifted in a new house. surprisingly, my children's room is SW and my room is SE. Both not right for each other. My children have become more stubborn and we as a couple argue a little more. Can anything be placed in the room so these problems can be avoided. Your help would be highly appreciated. If this is a free consultation please advice .THANKS.
Sep 2, 2009 at 11:31 AM

Query :
Home problems. I am married 2 years back. now my mother & father health is not good. we live in Himachal Pradesh. please help me.
Sep 1, 2009 at 2:27 AM

Name : Darsh
Query :
Hi, I have recently changed my apartment, and to my surprise my room is located in the south east corner and my children's in the south west. After shifting I have noticed stubbornness in their behavior. Can this be the SW effect? Can I do anything to avert these effects? In both rooms we are sleeping in the SW direction. Do I need to place anything in both or any of the rooms, in order to make my room stronger. I would appreciate if you could help me with any advice.
Aug 31, 2009 at 9:14 PM

Name : Vinod
Query :
I have bought a house 4 years back and I am not progressing financially after that. South side of the house there is a carport and an extension building. South west corner room of this building is using as a laundry. Is it Ok for the house.
Aug 5, 2009 at 2:11 AM

Query : My house is non alignment and facing north east corner.The staircase is nearly to north east corner. the room is empty and clean using as second hall with sofar set without touching the north east grid.Removing the staircase will be very costly. Is it adviseable to renovate to wood staircase or other remedies if available. tank you very much.
Jul 22, 2009 at 9:27 AM

Name : neelam palany
Query : Dear, My kitchen is in the north.I have balcony in the south of my south-west room.Should i make big glass window in south side of that room?
Jul 21, 2009 at 3:29 PM

Name : suganya
Query : my plot size is 22.5*80 going to construct in first floor, leaving car park at ground floor, want to build a house with a hall, three bedrooms with one room for home theatre, kitchen dining, wash area, and pooja. help me to build it as pet vastu as far as possible
Jul 20, 2009 at 7:23 AM

Name : Laxman Sundesha
Query : Sir, I had purchased house in 3-2-2004 jointly in name of me and my wife.The house is 3 story and had base ment of equal area of floor. My name is Laxman Sundesha, date of birth 26-4-1966. My problem is i am paying installmet for above house to bank but still I could not shifted here I also made furniture and coloured twice. So many time I got muhurt but some un kkown problem apprered adn i had to postponed the muhurat. I also make up my mind to sold this house, but customers are not slecting this. My querries is whether i sold or shift to this house, but when ?Please guide me.

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We have total of 75 plus plans updated in this package for below mentioned directions, which will be very much useful for your dream home.

 Instant Download - Pay and Download the Plan

In each direction we have around 10 plans it cost you 2 $ in USD( check out Equal ant Indian money ). Choose your direction and pay for the plans...

1. East Facing Site ( Indra )
2. South Facing Site ( Yama )
3. West Facing Site ( Varuna )
4. North Facing Site ( kubra )
5. North East Corner Site ( Eshaniya )
6. South East Corner Site( Agneya )
7. South West Corner Site( Nairuthi )
8. North West Corner Site ( Vayuya )

For any other Clarification mail me at vasthu4u@yahoo.com or call me ( +91 - 9663365579 )

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Payable to:
NAME : Venugopal Jayaraj
Account No : 11307
IFSC Code : CORP0000604

BANGALORE- 560 044



NAME: Banumathi*
Account No : 01010804
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Venugopal Jayaraj
# 284, 9t main, 1St block, 3rd stage, West of chord Rd,
Manjunathnagar, Bangalore- 560 010.

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