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The science of construction on Earth is called Vasthu. The term Vasthu in Sanskrit dictionary 'AMARA KOSA' is derived from the word "VASA" meaning fit to dwell in. So the science relate to the construction of houses on the Earth is known as VASTHU.

Vasthu is referred to as the site, fit for construction of a residence/ shop, office. I believe the reason for the unhappiness of a human being lies in the basic inability of their habitation.

Do birds built their nest in every tree,
Before building it select the tree.

I feel that animals and birds do lead healthier and happier life, maintain unity among themselves in contrast with human beings.

So coming back to bird, first bird select the tree, then the branch, third how to build the nest. After that gathers its team, then picks strong sticks to lay it at bottom as foundation, then small size sticks, dry grass & fallen feathers, then its perfect nest is ready to live happy life.

Human endowed with knowledge and developed mind, built their house as they wish without correcting their site first. Humans have talent and capability to built 100 floors, but very and only commercially

Some feelings make me think of the universal phenomenon like SKY, SUN, EARTH, AIR, & WATER which possess a sort of natural discipline in them, why they can't influence them on all the living beings.

The vasthu is based on PANCHA BHUTHAS [SKY, SUN, EARTH, AIR, & WATER]

The shastra also believes that the earth or soil is a living organism; a house has its age as human have. The human do not inhabit this earth alone. This further implies that the human are bond with their individual energies to the forms of energy, they are a part of the cycle life of death.

The pancha buthas act either in favour or against each other.
But in case of negative energies are dominant over the positive energies, there would be in and out disharmony, disappointment, ill health and distress that would prevail.

This ancient science, all the positive energies of the universe to do good to the entire human. Vasthu is not at all unworldly remedies, but all about the physical, psychological and spiritual arrangement of the built environment.
Trees that bear fruit, soil to grow crops, help the living beings survive, water to drink, charming flowers to cherish, and lot more, all blessings of the god almighty, the most priceless blessing is the mind, which have been given, that could analyze, use his blessings to make our lives beautiful, cherished momentous.


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