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  • The ideal direction for a master bedroom is Southwest (Nairuthi). The head of the family should occupy the master bedroom. He needs to have a relaxed sleep since he carries the responsibility of the entire family.

  • Bedroom in the Northwest (Vayu) is good for children, women and guests but not for the head of the family.

  • For educational institutions Flooring should be slope towards East or North directions.  

  • For educational institutions the Library is ideal in the West.

  • For educational institutions the building should be L or U shaped.

  • For educational institutions it is recommended to have the main entrance always at East or North-East and never at South.

  • For educational institutions the class rooms should preferably be square or rectangle in shape.

  • For educational institutions it is not advisable to have beams in the classroom.

  • For educational institutions the colors on the walls should be White, Cream or Light Blue.

  • Construction activities should be carried out in the South-West, South or Western parts of the Plot. o that the construction work go on smoothly without any hurdles or hindrance.

  • Windows should be broad. Narrow windows limit the ability to recognize opportunity and restrict the use of your abilities.

  • Windows are considered to be the way for the flow of positive energy and good fortune, but a wall full of windows may cause loss.

  • Ponds, Swimming Polls, Fountains, Water Games etc., should be located at the North East (Eshaniya) corner.

  • Cleaning items like Brooms and Mops should always be kept upside down and out of sight. This will prevent the family's livelihood from being swept away.

  • It is advisable to have natural and bright light, clean windows and exhaust fans in the kitchen to help in healthy energy flow as a cramped kitchen can affect finances.

  • It is not advisable to place pictures on wall of turbulent water and storms as they bring in negative energy.

  • Doors and windows at home should not make too much noise and should not open or close without human touch.

  • It is not advisable to have a bedroom in the North-East.

  • It is also not advisable to have bedroom in the South-East as this may result in quarrels between couples.

  • Positioning the head towards South gives sound sleep and good health. East is also good direction and West is also acceptable.

  • It is not advisable to position head towards North while sleeping as because it is believed that keeping head in this directions affects nervous system due to magnetic waves and repulsions.

  • It is not recommended to keep the photographs of dead person in the bedroom.

  • It is not advisable to place the cooking stove and fridge too close, there should be sufficient space between them.

  • Television can be placed in the South-East or North-West corners.
    Wall clocks are good in any direction except South, it is not recommended to have defunct clock or watch at home.

  • Toilets, store/waste rooms should always be in the West.
    It is advisable to plant heavy trees in the West and South.

  • Transformers/generators/UPS are best situated at the South-East corner.

  • It is not advisable to have staircase in the North-East, any other place is acceptable.

  • It is not recommended to have opening ceremony or Gruhapravesha of any building be it Office, Factory, House before completion of construction.

  • Bedroom is a place where a person spends one-third of his day. So, you should plan it properly as per Vasthu for good sleep and relaxing ambience.


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