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Empty land is converted into construction sites, road, water facility, ditch, site with apt measurements are ready. After seeing the beautiful sites "Wow, wonderful layout" exited and purchase a site if its amount is also high.
Before buying a site care should be taken regarding Street focus.
After comes construction of residence.

Last week I came through a book of 200 construction plan, with curiosity I turned each and every pages, few Civil Engineers have published the book, confirming it as book on Vasthu Plans, this will be wrong, we can say it as death notice.

Below every plan there are brief description on Vasthu, which may give Heart Attack to the persons who refer and have little knowledge on Vasthu, yes its true.


So referring some books for Vasthu  plan for construction are dangerous, our information not to criticize publisher or Civil Engineers, they are educated and good builders but don't have full knowledge on Vasthu so this mistakes happens.
If a person had constructed 100% Vasthu house, then he must have followed his Vasthu advise 100% but be prepared with Vasthu knowledge.
Every family dreams of building or buying house that will be of all their needs and aspiration. But as it happens the final product may not always be entirely satisfactory because there may be a gap in communication between the owner and architect, between the plans and reality.
To ensure that you have a well planned and constructed house, it is important to work closely with Vasthu consultant from the very beginning.
Vasthu consultant can translate your abstract ideas into concrete shapes if given a good brief.

Sit with Vasthu consultant for several meetings to explain all your needs in detail.
This is the ideal opportunity to introduce all the conveniences you always dreamt of. With a little careful planning, some research on Vasthu and plenty of ideas, you can make your dream home come true.
As a gratitude to the tremendous support extended by the readers of this website, we are happy to give more information on this web.
Coming forward we will update this column with construction plans for every home lovers, according to direction, Vasthu and measurements may vary. So to confirm about your constructed house or going to construct you can mail me us plans.

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More on Vasthu Articles, Numerology ,
Celebrity Horoscope .....Click here



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