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Construction Plans

Re.3/- per sq.ft.

Home Plan Modification

Re.1/- per sq.ft.

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As promised we are updating constructing diagrams. The diagrams in this column may vary, they may be adjusted to the site measurements. There is no defect in changes of measurement but method of home Vasthu should not be deviated. 

Many Vasthu believers have been benefited by our website. Many House holders has come to know that there is a science called Vasthu and it stand for the families Life, Love, Health and Prosperity.

Plans should not be presented in this form as per norms of the Profession or Marketing, but www.vasthu4u.com made the knowledge public for the cause of Vasthu, which was limited to a few people, long ago.

Constructing a house is an elaborate process consuming every kind of resource from finance and time to expertise and energy.
Therefore, it is important that there is meticulous planning; detailed execution and careful supervision during every stage of the project ensure that your dream home does not end up as a nightmare.
To ensure that you have a well planned and constructed house, it is important to work closely with Vasthu consultant from the very beginning. 

We can translate your abstract ideas into concrete shapes if given a good brief. Sit with us for several meetings to explain all your needs in detail.

This is the ideal opportunity to introduce all the conveniences you always dreamt of. With a little careful planning, some research on Vasthu and plenty of ideas, you can make your dream home come true.
So my appeal to my learned friends is this, view this website regularly make a research and the science will be seen correct.

As a gratitude to the tremendous support extended by the readers of this website, we are happy to give more information on this web.
We will be delighted, if this website helps in shaping the readers lives and we hope it will.

So to confirm about your Constructed house or going to Construct, you can mail us your Home Plans designed neatly by hand or through draft with directions to  clarify and rectify as per Vasthu.

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