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A casual talk between me and Sri P.Ravishankar, instilled a great interest in this scientific knowledge of Vasthu
I have been pursuing, probing and exploring this science since 2000 with an ultimate objective of proving to the world that, a house build as per Vasthu certainly become a Heaven.
During the initial years of experimentation my Parents, Sisters, Brother-in laws, and my better half that are very co-operative, used to get surprised over the alterations and additions that affected our house in the name of Vasthu.
I always assured them that the investment to my experiments would never go waste. I never used to prove them the effect of my experiments with Vasthu, as all my experiments started yielding expected results with a short span of time.

At our website we don't prefer rituals, ceremonies, chakra, and portrait, advanced Chinese Feng shui, we have Indian dragons like RAHU AND KETHU, so why do we need Chinese dragons..?
Vasthu is not a magic wand that would change things for you overnight. It is essentially a discipline that does effect for life.
This ancient science, all the positive energies of the universe to do good to the entire human. Vasthu is not at all unworldly remedies, but all about the physical, psychological and spiritual arrangement of the built environment.
Own house or rented house, the fate of the person living in the particular house is governed by the house.
If Vasthu is followed with true professionalism, the result is cent percent.
I prefer house where we reside is most important then one's Horoscope or Jataka.
A small displacement of nature's gift can change the life and fate of the person/family living in the house.
Just by observing the pros and cons of the house, shop/office giving precise solution to the problems is the duty of a true vasthu professional.

Vasthu is not a Brahmavidya/Mahanshastra, it is only a Formula. Based on our experience these formulas expand, related to Vasthu, I am not an intellect/founder on Vasthu, I am simple living person. Anybody can meet me easily on www.vasthu4u.com

Our ancestors had given us "Yog" but we did not take it seriously, it went abroad, renamed as "Yoga", now we are running after it and foreign countries are making profit out of it. WHY?? Why we cannot respect our own culture. We are following their culture and they are following ours.
Vasthu was earlier used in the design of Hindu homes, but became less prominent in the industrialization period during and following the colonial British Raj. But it is used extensively in temple design, in recent years, it has again gained mainstream popularity, and there are several Vasthu 'consultants' in India, some dubious, some genuine.
Universe, it consist all type of religious and cultured people, so our aim is to introduce this art to everybody's need.
We will be delighted, if this website helps in shaping the readers lives and we hope it will.

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