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  What is Street Focus? 
If one street hits to a house it's called as Street Focus. The street that runs and focuses on to any side of a plot is called a ' Spearing Street '. This is also referred to as ' Theru Kuthu ' in Southern state s of India and 'Veedhi Shoola' in the Northern states of India. Whether that street is in good approach or bad approach but the effect is so powerful. If one house is having good street focus then the inmates of that house will be getting regular good alerts, all success, happy, health, wealth, joy, harmony, unexpected profits, sudden good happenings and etc.

  • Northern North East --- Good for Women and also for Business activities.

  • Eastern North East --- Very good for Men, will ensure upward mobility in life.

  • Southern South East ---Will give Peace and Happiness. Good for Women

  • Eastern South East --- Will increase expense, accidents can occur.

  • Northern North West --- Promotes indiscipline. Heart attack, love marriage, General instability is noted.

  • Western North West --- Will promote Owner's Business. Improve attitude & Behavior.

  • Southern South West --- Affects Wealth. Indication of accidents and Bad Habits.

  • Western South West --- Will Affect happiness, constant quarrels, scarcity of money in addition to Litigation.

Street focus is a common occurrence. Should take care in selecting to buy site or plots in a layout. Favorable street focus can be obtained by avoiding sites have street focus of ill effects.

Therefore while selecting the plot, one should consider carefully, the magnetic direction in which a road, lane or street is focused on to the plot. As can be understood from the table, one can choose plots which have the following street focuses


a) Northern Northeast


Most preferred  
b) Eastern Northeast


Most preferred
c) Southern Southeast


d) Western Northwest



 Eshaniya (Northeast) Street Focus:- 

A Street Focus striking a house of plot or any other construction at Eshaniya (Northeast), Its really amazing, in general we cannot get these type of house for purchase, because this type of houses or factory are always in a very good position, so they don't go for sale. Generally this Eshaniya street Focus cannot gives bad results to the inhabitants of the property.


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