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Numerology, the science of numbers, deals with the force behind the numbers. In common life the numbers are used for the quantitative valves and without numbers civilization is impossible.

Numerology is the science of numbers used to determine the trend of your life and predict your future. The two things you need to work out your numerological chart are your date of birth and your full name.

The word FATE is used after the occurrence. The problem is to get pleasure and happiness and to get rid of pain and sorrow.

When your name is converted into numbers its relationship with your date of birth determines your talents, your potential, your environment and your relationships.

Man is reborn to reap his karma. Many do not believe in rebirth, and they advocate fantastic theories in support of their analysis. But here is my question for it, a young boy of six years plays on the flute excellently, how we can account for it if there is no rebirth.

Some conclude that pain and pleasure, happiness and sorrow are mixed and cannot be separated. Eating sweet gives pleasure to the tongue but after two hours gives pain in the stomach. The cause of pleasure may lead to pain.
How did he receive that wisdom? So there is rebirth and the birth chart or the horoscope reveals the major points of the new-born.

Learned astrologers bring forth the view that it is only the planetary combinations that shape the future and the name valves have no force in life, they are wrong. They same planetary positions indicate numbers.

It is like saying that since God cannot be seen by one, he does not believe in the existence of God.

Even in the case of feature films, it is the name of the film, which doesn't agree to the actor, director etc., there will be no success though story value and other factors may be super.

So the science of numerology will have its force whether we believe it or not.
Fire has the power to burn whether we know it or not.

So my appeal to my learned friends is this view these website regularly make a research and the science will be seen correct.

As a gratitude to the tremendous support extended by the readers of this website, we are happy to give more information on this web.

We will be delighted, if this web helps in shaping the readers lives and we hope it will.

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